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Finding Love on the Trails – Difference Between FWB And Fuck Buddies

It’s no secret that many riders find love on the trail…

But how do you navigate a casual (or serious) relationship that begins between two people with the love of horses.  You might be surprised that there are actually dating sites just for equestrians!

Fuck buddies. Friends with benefits. The names say it all, but the difference is in the language.

These terms get used interchangably in the modern world. And while there are a lot of similarities between the two relationship types, there are also some notable differences. Things like your commitment levels, your friendship levels and the possibility of progressing your relationship to something more.

Maybe you want to know which type of arrangement would you suit you best? Well don’t worry, because we’ve got everything you need to know right here. Here are the differences between fuck buddy and friend with benefits relationships.

It depends which part came first

If you were friends before you had sex, chances are you’re in a friends with benefits situation. One of the simplest ways to categorize your relationship is by recalling your relationship before you saw each other naked. Did you hang around in the same circles? Did you talk on a friendly basis before you starting fucking? If so, you’re friends with benefits.

But if your situation began on a sexual note, for example, you hooked up on your first meeting, then you’re more than likely fuck buddies. This might sound like a minor difference, but it will certainly factor in to how things play out once your sexual activities come to an end. I’ll explain more in the next point.

Friends with benefits stay friends, fuck buddies don’t

Every casual sex relationship will come to an end one day, and your relationship designation usually decides what happens after you and your partner stop fucking. In most cases, friends with benefits continue hanging out with one another by proxy, whereas fuck buddy situations tend to go out of commission pretty fast.

There are exceptions, of course, but this is a good rule of thumb. There’s a good chance that you’ll maintain a friendship with your FWB, but once you stop nailing your fuck buddy, she’ll probably stop coming over to your place pretty soon. With a fuck partner, especially if you meet online using a fuck buddies app your whole schtick begins and ends with sexy time. Outside of that, there’s no connection between you, therefore neither of you will feel the need to remain close.

A fuck buddy feels dirtier

Okay, so this one depends on your own levels of sluttiness, but the term ‘fuck buddy’ invokes a little more explicitness, while ‘friend with benefits’ is more polite and clinical. Language can be an important part in determining people’s perception of things, including how other people perceive that special someone in your life.

For example, if you wear your sexual conquests on your sleeve, you’re more likely to call that girl you’re nailing your fuck buddy. If you’re more reserved, you might refer to that person as your FWB. Likewise, no one is going to tell their mom “me and Lauren are just fuck buddies.” They’re more likely going to say “she’s my friend with benefits.” Language and context is always important!

Different sexual expectations

In both types of relationships, casual sex is the main focus. However, people in friend with benefit relationships tend to have lower sexual expectations with their partners.

For example, if the sex in a FWB relationship is just average, chances are you’ll still carry on nailing each other. But with fuck buddy arrangements, if the sex is anything but amazing, your late-night experiences will probably cease to be pretty quickly.

There’s a little psychology behind this and it’s all to do with your pre-relationship friendship with the other person. The fact that FWBs are a element in other each other’s lives outside of the bedroom means they’ll still want to come round your apartment and hang out – even if the sex doesn’t hit a home run.

FWB can have deep conversations

When the casual sex stops, the conversation begins. For people in FWB relationships, there’s usually no awkwardness around this part. Since you probably have a lot in common already given your friendships, it feels completely natural to talk, ask questions and discuss other aspects of your life.

But with fuck buddy relationships, this can bring up feelings of awkwardness. I’ve seen this time and time again with the men and women I know who prefer the fuck buddy approach. Since their entire connection is based on physical pleasure rather than character bonding, they quickly discover that they don’t share much common ground outside of the language of sex.

Finding a fuck buddy is easier

This might be the biggest difference between the two types of casual sex relationships. Finding someone to be your FWB is actually quite difficult since you’re limited by your selection of friends. Once you’ve exhausted all the women in your life, your chance of finding a FWB arrangement runs dry. That’s not to say you can’t make more female friends, but it’s a longer process in the grand scheme.

But get on any dating site and you’ll find a million people looking for something exclusively casual. In this case, any such arrangement would be a fuck buddy relationship since you’d be basing your connection around carnal stimulation. But if this is good by you, you could easily find your next fuckbuddy on any of the big-name dating sites out there.

FWBs can become more

A FWB isn’t your boyfriend or girlfriend, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen one day. Are you particularly into that guy you’re having sex with? Do you get a sense that he’d be a good person to shack up with? Do you connect on a level outside of the bedroom too? If so, there’s nothing stopping your casual sex arrangement progressing to exclusivity some time in the future.

Feel the same way about a fuck buddy? Then I’ve got bad news. Trying to make a fuck buddy relationship any thing more than sex never works. Catching feelings for a fuck buddy is the kiss of death, so as soon as you feel yourself falling for that man or woman, the best approach is to call the whole thing off.

Your fuck buddy won’t meet your friends

You keep a fuck buddy on the side lines, whereas you could introduce a friend with benefits with the other people in your life. Friends, family. Anyone you want, really. There’s nothing strange about it because you’re buddies first, sex partners second.

Thinking about introducing your fuckbuddy to your mates? Probably best to rethink that one, since it will cause nothing but pain for everyone involved. How are you going to introduce them? Is there any way you could do it without making it sound weird? In my book no, because the word ‘fuckbuddy’ will inevitably pop out your mouth at some point. And if that’s the case, people will suddenly want to know more.

It’s easier to fall for a FWB

A large percentage of regular relationships begin as a friendship. Then they add sex to the mix and quickly fall in love. Sound familiar? This is one of the reasons why, of both relationship types, FWBs can be a little messier than the other.

What’s a long-term partner if not a close friend who you have sex and share everything with? When you have all of this going on inside a FWB relationship, it can be easy to get heart-shaped eyes and start imagining your future with this special someone. However, this is like breaching a verbal contract since neither of you signed up to be anything more than no-strings fun.