Pony Express Privacy Policy

This policy covers all information collected by this site during your browsing session or purchase of products.

Rider Requirements:

To review, we asked that you be 10 years and over, under 65 years of age (unless approved by Doug!); weight limit is 235 lbs, and no pregnant riders.

Cancellation Policy:

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy; 72 hours for 6 or more). There is a 10% administrative fee charged for rides cancelled.

Customer Information:

Information is collected at the time of a sale in order to complete the sale and deliver the products. Customer lists are not not sold or distributed to third parties.

Credit Card Transactions:

Credit card transactions are processed by PayPal. A professional payment authorization service was chosen for added security and reliability. Only the purchase price and the credit card information provided by the customer is supplied to VeriSign. Information collected during transactions is maintained in their database for accounting and billing purposes. Information from these transactions is not released to third parties. Your credit card number is not transmitted to Pony Express Tours.

Web Site Log Files:

Like most web sites log files are generated that show the IP Address of the visitor, date, time, and pages visited. Aggregate reports for web site visitors are generated that do not contain personally identifiable information. Advertising reports are generated that show the IP addresses of visitors who clicked on ads. This information may be sent to the advertiser to confirm the advertising fee charged. The advertiser already has this information as a result of the user clicking on the ad. No additional information about the visitor is supplied to the advertiser. The log files are eventually deleted.

No Third Party:

No Images, files, or cookies are downloaded from third party servers. This means no banner networks, hidden “web bugs” (images of size 1×1 pixel used to track users). More than 80% of affiliate and advertising requests are rejected by Consumer.net because of this requirement.