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How to be a Horse Girl: How Horse Girls Act, Dress, and Look

We all can imagine the archetype of a “horse girl,” a girl who lives in the country and cares about her horses above all else. Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to be a so-called horse girl? In this article we’ll examine the stereotypes, and the reality of what it’s really like to be a horse girl.

What is a horse girl?

A horse girl is any person who lives in a house with a horse and cares about her horses, even if she’s never ridden. However, not all girls who love horses are called horse girls. Why does a person get involved with horses? Horses have been a part of many cultures for centuries, even many before the United States existed. Humans have depended on these animals for meat, transportation, housing, transportation, and livelihoods. American girls have been dying their hair pink for decades and wearing white stetsons. However, these days, the equestrian trend is pretty tame. For most people, the horse is still in the forefront of equestrian culture.

What are the stereotypes of horse girls?

Let’s first look at the stereotypes of horse girls. Horse girls in general, are assumed to have no life besides their horses, to have trouble interacting with the world around them, and that they’re either a little ditzy or mean, snobby and self-righteous (or a little bit of each). Some people would be afraid to be friends with or date this kind of girl because of these stereotypes.

I’ll be the first to say that the above stereotypes are based on stereotypes and not all horse girls are like this. They are, at their most extreme, exaggerated and inaccurate portrayals of what horse girls are really like, and can, at times, be hurtful to the very people who fit them. In all honesty, I’ve met quite a few horse girls, in the field and online, who fall in the stereotype categories but plenty more who don’t.

How to dress like a horse girl

Horse girls don’t have to worry about who’s walking in their shoes or on their back. They usually prefer western style shoes for everyday life (including dressage lessons). For everyday wear they wear boots that are long in the back. Sometimes they wear spurs (if they’re a western rider) or a western hat. Horse girls almost always wear leggings, since leggings are supposed to be worn around the middle of the leg to keep them riding.

And, of course, you have to look great, not just for attracting people for hookups, or making friends, but for yourself, so it’s only right that a lot of them wear fashionable riding outfits or riding clothes. Here are the basics to know: Leggings can be worn under the dressage jacket. Pant legs need to cover your boots, as you want to keep them clean! The leggings should be loose enough to be comfortable to move in.

How to make horse girl friends

Not all horse girls are the same, but it’s definitely not easy to find a group of them. With over 200 million equestrians in the United States, why wouldn’t we be able to find one in our local vicinity? When you think about it, it makes sense. What could be better than hanging out with your buddies on the weekend to ride?

After all, horse girl culture is all about having a great time and encouraging each other to have a good time. While the reality is that a lot of these horse girls are just as close to your average girl next door, the culture itself is nothing like the popular images you might be imagining. Horse women come in all shapes and sizes. A lot of them might even be mothers, too.

If you’re a woman looking to make friends with horse girls, you can start by joining some local groups on Facebook, and attending horse related events in your area. In general, I’ve found horse people are very friendly and open to conversation. If you’re a man or woman who wants to date or hook up with a horse girl, then you might want to try dating apps, and just see who’s in your area and proudly talks about or shares pictures with their horses. I’ve been using Thots app recently, and have met a surprisingly large number of cute horse girls!


First, you’ll hear about what it’s like to be a horse girl, from those who are actually living the lifestyle. I am a horse girl. I have a horse, I ride my horse, I have a barn, and I own a tack room. I own an amazing saddle, I have a bridle, I use a chambon, I have an abundance of brushes, I have a saddle pad, I know how to change a bridle, I know how to ride a horse with one hand, and a husband that knows how to do most of the maintenance. I am also what’s called a horse-obsessed person, and I LOVE it.  The word “horse girl” is synonymous with riding, horses, and being immersed in the equestrian lifestyle.

Going On A Horseback Riding Date

One of the best things about our equestrian trail is that it brings together two of the funniest and most creative date ideas: horseback riding and picnics. It’s romantic for the couple as they enjoy their date and celebrate many years of love. 

Bring your curiosity and love for animals and take the reins of life. You will get to know the world of the beauty of the horse, which goes hand in hand with riding. You can go up on horseback for a lifetime and never see the same place twice., the hookup dating app recommends going on dates to unique places for the most excitement, and a horse is a great way to get there.

Horses and humans have been inseparable partners in crime since humans first climbed into the saddle around 3500 BC. When cars and horse-drawn carriages became increasingly popular at the end of the 19th century, horses were not used for work, but for recreation. Nowadays, most people pony to play sports in order to compete or just for fun. 

Whether you are on a date or not, a delightful selection of horses will accompany you both. Take a ride on a nearby ranch, or drive around the city in one of the romantic horse-drawn carriages that depart from the Dallas West End. Put on your boots, put on your hat and say hello, Madame. 

The first step before going to the barn is to decide which driving style you want to try. Most stables teach either English or Western style, and some offer both. The two styles use different equipment and tactics that affect the rider’s position and communication with the horse. 

It looks like the horse is getting some movement, but it needs balance, strong legs and a stable core to stay in the saddle. Some people don’t think about fitness when they think about taking the reins of riding, but a serious butt kick can be training.

There is no reason to worry about your riding appointment. To ensure you have the perfect date night with us, we have compiled a list of things to consider before your date. We offer a bespoke skills and safety assessment program to ensure that you have a wonderful experience on our trails. And so that you can ride our trails with us, we have to certify you. 

Crater Junction Ride Down Sliding Sands Trail

This ride descends Sliding Sands Trail to the Crater floor 2500 ft. below where a well deserved picnic lunch is served featuring our delicious croissant sandwiches! Round trip is 7.5 awe inspiring miles taking around 4 hours. Prior riding experience is recommended. Check in first at the ranch office, then continue up to the Visitor Center Parking lot just past mile marker 20 to meet your guide. Reservations required. $182.00 + tax per person
8:30 AM

Book this Ride Now for the 10% Internet discount
(Times may vary call upon arrival to confirm check in times)

What to Bring:

“This is an outdoor ride at an elevation, so sprinkles and wind can come and go. We provide full rain gear and are looking for people ready for an adventure!”

This ride is not for first time riders. Children, especially, between 10-12 years of age should have been riding a minimum of 6 times and be on the athletic, adventurous, and mature side

Our crater horseback tours take place at the world famous Haleakala Crater, approximately 10,000 ft above sea level. We suggest that you wear long pants, closed toe shoes like a sneaker, dress in layers with a warm outer jacket, hat, and maximum sunscreen. Rarely do we have a rider that has a problem with the elevation, but it is something to consider before going on a crater ride. Drinking water beforehand to encourage hydration will help elevation issues. If interested in a lower elevation, maybe you should consider just visiting the crater and taking our Haleakala Ranch Rides at a lower elevation. Helmets are provided and recommended though riders may waiver their use.

Pony Express specializes in horseback tours

Pony Express specializes in horseback tours in two locations on beautiful Haleakala on Maui, Hawaii. From the verdant expanses of Haleakala Ranch to the other-wordly terrain of Haleakala Crater, you’ll see parts of Maui best seen from a horse! Expertly guided and narrated, you’ll feel like you’re seeing Maui with a friend who has horses…

Haleakala Ranch Mauka Ride

1.5 hour ride across scenic historic Haleakala Ranch. Includes refreshments.

Haleakala Ranch Mauka Ride

These morning and afternoon rides are perfect for those who explore Haleakala earlier in the day! Before you leave upcountry, take in this relaxing 1 1/2 hour ride across historic Haleakala Ranch. A perfect way to top off a Haleakala day!

Reservations required though drop-ins accommodated

$95.00 per person
11:30 am & 2:00 pm

Book 11:30 am Mauka Ride Now for the 10% Internet discount
Book 2:00 pm Mauka Ride Now for the 10% Internet discount

What to Bring:

Our Haleakala Ranch horseback rides take place at the 4,000 ft. elevation above sea level. Wear long pants, closed toe shoes (like a sneaker) bring a jacket, hat, and sunscreen. Helmets are provided and recommended though riders may waiver their use. Meet 30 minutes prior to the ride at the Pony Express Ranch Office.

Pony Express Haleakala Ranch Tours

The Hawaiian cowboy pre-dates the American cowboy by about 50 years, so cattle ranching occupies a significant chapter in Hawaii’s history! Historic Haleakala Ranch comprises a large portion of Maui’s high country. Ride through Maui’s largest working cattle ranch with lush rolling pastureland and stunning ocean views from the cool 4,000′ elevation.


Haleakala Ranch Paniolo Ride

This 2 hour morning ride offers some of the most spectacular ocean views from its 4,000 feet elevation to be found anywhere on Maui! North and South shores and the entire Central valley of Maui are laid out before you for incredible pictures! The Paniolo Ride is especially attractive to those watching the sunrise at Haleakala Summit, as the timing works perfectly with the 8:00am check-in at the Ranch Office. You’ll be riding through and hearing about paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) history as well!

Refreshment included. Reservations required

$110.00 per person
8:30 am

Book Paniolo Ride Now for the 10% Internet discount