Here are some things that people have to say about us:

Maui Revealed Guidebook:

“Pony Express is our hand’s-down favorite. They go down Sliding Sands Trail to the bottom of Haleakala Crater. The views are unlike any thing you’ve ever seen and positively drop-dead gorgeous. This is a great trip. We’ve reviewed lots of horseback rides throughout the state, and we’d be hard-pressed to think of one we enjoyed more.”

D & T Vincent – Cincinnati, Ohio

” Well, we’re back to Cincinnati with the cold weather!!!! Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you all that our horseback ride down to the bottom of the crater was the highlight of our trip. Perfect day, and the views will stay with us for our lifetime. It was worth every penny spent.”

Paul & Lisa D. – Dallas, Texas

“Awesome, awe inspiring. I loved being above the clouds.”

Helen & Vic S. – Santa Clara, California

“It was a spectacular adventure! Well worth the price for a memorable day.”

Phil & Lori P. – W. Palm Beach, Florida

“It was the highlight of our vacation! We really loved it.”

Karen & Ken – Los Angeles, California

“We loved everything! Our guide was terrific and views were spectacular!”

Shannon & Jennifer H. – Arcadia, California

“View was great. Guide was friendly and we liked our horses.”